Worried about what people are thinking about you?

A quick guide on how to stop worrying what people are thinking about you   They’re talking about you. You just KNOW they are. You see them, heads together and huddled in the break room. Your stomach is in knots. They are surely gossiping and backstabbing you. How could they possibly have anything good to […]

Doubt and fear can be overcome.

Reframe! Change how you look at doubt and fear   The most important step in achieving success is learning not to fear failure. In fact, self-doubt and the fear of making a mistake can easily stop you from making any progress at all! It literally becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It may sound counter-intuitive, but experts […]

11 simple suggestions to help you face fear

11 simple ideas to help you face fear   The first thing you need to understand about fear is that everyone is afraid. We all face fear or challenges in our lives at some point. Fear is a basic human emotion that has kept us alive for hundreds of thousands of years. Without a healthy […]

Sometimes we need to be assertive. How to do it without being aggressive.

Being assertive without being aggressive.   “Be nice…” From the time we begin to understand language, we’re told to be nice. We are told to share, to take turns, to be kind to others. To let others, go first when getting in line. Or to allow someone else to take the first cookie. Of course, […]

Alternative Ways to Reboot Your Self-Worth

Alternative Ways to Reboot Your Self-Worth   The stresses and strains of modern life can take their toll on our feelings of self-worth. And in the last ten years with the increasing pressures of social media, the 24-hour news cycle and the dissolving of life/work boundaries can mean it’s not unusual to feel powerless and […]

Your past does not have to be a prison sentence

Your past does not have to be a prison sentence. What The Shawshank Redemption can teach you about making the best of a bad situation.   In dealing with any kind of trauma or stress, I believe one of the most vital things one can learn from it is that it does not have to […]