The Gwyneth Montenegro Foundation is specifically designed for the purpose of empowering women who have had a rough run at life. Whether it be through domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, sex trafficking, mentally abusive relationships or those who have simply fallen on hard times.

Apart from the physiological ramifications of these experiences, an area that is rarely addressed is confidence. That inner spark, that long held dream, the goals and aspirations you held deep inside when the cruel hand of life revealed to you that you really don’t matter.

Every few seconds, a woman somewhere is raped, abused or similar. Every few seconds a girl is shown unequivocally that she is not equal and nor will she ever be.

The Gwyneth Montenegro Foundation’s ethos is to help lift and guide women and girls to recover their strength and power despite adversity and/or self-imposed limitations as a result of trauma.

The Gwyneth Montenegro Foundation was established so that you can find free information and resources to help you to get your inner spark back and in doing so reclaim lost opportunity and find the woman whom you were destined to be.

Your future is not for others to take. Your dreams are not there to be tossed aside by an abuser. Your endless possibilities are not up for negotiation. They are yours, they are precious and they are the key to living life at your very best.

We, as women, are supposed to be strong, yet sometimes life can get in the way and we can crumble. We can lose our way.

Who were you before that hand was raised against you?

The hand that could have been an oppressive workplace, a demeaning or violent relationship, betrayal of friends or family, rape, trafficking or simply that voice in your head that leads you to a place of darkness and holds you down from your true potential.

How do you find yourself when the very essence of who you are is taken away at the hands of (fill in the blank)?

That is what The Gwyneth Montenegro Foundation does best. It reaches out and provides free empowerment information to young women and girls, all over the world, who have lost their way due to circumstances they had no control over.


You see, I had unfortunate circumstances that took away who I thought I was and I completely turned my life on its head. Life led me down a dark path. But this isn’t about me.

I understand the unique struggles of what it is like to throw one’s life away and live a life that is completely in the opposite direction of what I was meant to do. And I do not want the same thing for you. You are better than that.

This foundation is not a charity but a self-funded resource to help women and girls draw a line in the sand and say, “I don’t want to be forever identified by that situation.”

My job here is not to treat or diagnose trauma nor to solely be a place for women who have experienced trauma. It is a resource for women to find help that can help you to get your inner spark back. To go from a place of adversity (or a bump in the road of life) to a place of prosperity whether your goal be mentally, emotionally, or financially.

Together we will bring back the magic that was you. So, let’s get you back on the track of life and may you find true fulfilment, purpose and a life that is filled with much abundance and joy.

Warm Regards,



Please be aware that this facility is currently undergoing an update. All resources have temporarily been removed to help us to upgrade the back-end systems. We will be back, with a new setup and a much larger array of resources mid July.